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The Investment Association represents UK investment managers. We have over 200 members who manage more than £5.5 trillion for clients around the world, helping them to achieve their financial goals. Our aim is to make investment better for clients, companies and the economy so that everyone prospers.

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We’re the voice of the industry. From giving speeches at events to contributing articles to key publications, we make sure our voice gets heard.

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Why do you need to save?

From putting a child through university to ensuring you have a comfortable retirement, most of us have financial goals. Saving regularly and starting early can help you to achieve them.


Everyone has financial goals – from setting aside money to deal with the unexpected, to putting a child through university or making sure you have a comfortable retirement.

Saving money or investing can help you to achieve those goals.

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Main Types of Investment

  • Cash

    Save money in a bank account.

  • Bonds

    Make a loan to a government or company.

  • Shares

    Invest in a company by buying shares.

  • Property

    Make money from rent and property sales.

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facts about funds

Everything you need to know, from the benefits to the costs involved, and the rules that protect investors.

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We produce industry-wide statistics about fund sales and funds under management every month (figures for 2015).