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IA comments on the publication of the proposed new Stewardship Code

Wednesday 30th January 2019

Commenting on the publication of the proposed new Stewardship Code, Andrew Ninian, Director of Stewardship and Corporate Governance at the Investment Association said:

“The stewardship landscape has changed significantly since the Code was last reviewed, so it is right that it is being refreshed.

“Asset managers are a key player in the stewardship process, providing ongoing monitoring and engagement to ensure that they are investing in ways that will deliver long-term returns for savers and investors. Asset managers have been clear that any new Code should require signatories to report against actual stewardship activity, rather than just the policy that sits behind them, and should also reflect the growing range of issues that asset managers engage on, such as diversity and ESG. The new proposed Code recognises these key issues and provides a platform for them to be firmly embedded in the final version of the Stewardship Code.

“We will work with the FRC to ensure that the final Code fully reflects the important role of stewardship and ensures that the UK reclaims the mantle as a global leader in stewardship.”


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