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Responses and representations 2018


FCA CP 17/36: Reviewing the funding of the FSCS - 30 January

Feedback to the European Commission: Review of the European Supervisory Authorities - 23 January


FRC Consultation on revisions to the UK Corporate Governance Code - 28 February


FCA Approach to Competition - 12 March

CMA investment consultants market investigation: working paper on information on fees and quality - 27 March


FCA DP18/1: Effective competition in non-workplace pensions - 27 April


MSCI Consultation on the Treatment of Unequal Voting Structures in the MSCI Equity Indexes

- 31 May


BEIS Consultation on Insolvency and Corporate Governance - 11 June

TPR/FCA: Regulating the pensions and retirement income sector - 19 June


FCA CP18/9: Consultation on further remedies - Asset Management Market Study - 5 July

DWP Consultation on clarifying and strengthening trustees' investment duties - 16 July


FCA CP18/17: Retirement Outcomes Review: Proposed changes to FCA rules and guidance - 9 August

Sir John Kingman's Independent Review of the FRC - 13 August

CMA Investment Consultants Market Investigation: IA response to Provisional Decision Report - 24 August


WPSC inquiry on pension costs and transparency - 3 September

FCA Investment Platforms Market Study Interim Report - 21 September

FCA Call for input: PRIIPs regulation - 28 September


BEIS consultation on legislative reforms on national security and investment - 16 October

CMA inquiry into the UK Statutory Audit Market - 30 October 2018


Sir John Kingman's Independent Review of the FRC: Further Questions - 9 November 2018


ESAs Joint Consultation Paper concerning amendments to the PRIIPs KID - 6 December 2018