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Responses and representations 2016


ESMA consultation: RTS/ITS for trade reporting under the Securities Financing Transactions Regulation
2 December


PIOB Consultation: 2017-2019 Strategy
23 November


Commission Consultation: Barriers to cross-border fund distribution
9 October


FCA CP16/18: Changes to disclosure rules in the FCA handbook to reflect the direct application of the PRIIPs regulation
19 September

DfE Consultation: Apprenticeship Funding Proposals
5 September


HMT consultation: Reform of substantial shareholdings exemption
18 August

HMT and HMRC consultation: Tax deductibility of corporate interest expense
4 August


FCA consultation: UCITS V Level 2, SFTR and consequential changes to the Handbook
20 July

HMRC consultation: Corporate criminal offence of failure to prevent criminal facilitation of tax evasion
11 July


ESMA Discussion Paper: UCITS Share Classes
6 June

Home Office Consultation: Action plan for anti-money laundering
2 June

HMT Review: AML/CFT Supervision
2 June


IAASB: Enhancing audit quality in the public interest
25 May


OECD discussion draft on treaty residence of pension funds
5 April


ESMA Consultation: Transaction reporting, reference data, record-keeping and clock synchronisation under MiFIR
24 March

IA letter: EU Commission on liquidity calibration methodology in MiFID II
24 March

EC Green Paper: Retail financial services
18 March

HMT Consultation: National Infrastructure Commission
17 March

IA letter: EU Commission on the use of ISIN as an instrument identifier for OTC derivatives under MiFIR/D II
14 March

Simple, Transparent and Standardised (STS) securitisation: Joint paper
3 March


LGPS Consultation: Revoking and replacing the LGPS (Management and Investment of Funds) Regulations 2009
19 February

FCA CP15/38: Delaying disclosure of inside information
19 February

Money Advice Service consultation: 2016/17 Business Plan
18 February

FCA CP15/35: Implementing the Market Abuse Regulation
4 February

FCA CP15/42: Quarterly Consultation Chapters 2, 4 & 6
4 February

ESA Discussion Paper: PRIIP KID
1 February

EU Commission – Call for Evidence: EU regulatory framework for financial services
29 January

ESA consultation: PRIIPs
29 January

EBA consultation: Risk Based Supervision Guidelines
22 January

EBA consultation: Risk Factor Guidelines
22 January

HMT consultation: Tax deductibility of interest expense
14 January

EC consultation: Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB)
8 January

European Commission Review of EuVECA and EuSEF Regulations
7 January