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Responses and representations 2015


Financial Advice Market Review (FAMR)
(22 December)

FCA Asset Management Market Study Terms of Reference
(18 December)

IASB Request for Views: 2015 Agenda Consultation
(17 December)

FRC Consultation: Enhancing Confidence in Audit - Proposed Revisions to the Ethical Standard, Auditing Standards, UK Corporate Governance Code and Guidance on Audit Committees
(17 December)

BIS Consultation: Technical Amendments
(11 December)

FCA CP15/27: Part III Chapters 7 & 8
(7 December)

FCA Consultation: Removing the requirement to produce Short Reports
(2 December)


IFRS Foundation: Trustees' Review of Structure and Effectiveness
(30 November)

IASB ED on the Conceptual Framework
(24 November)

LEI Regulatory Oversight Committee: Consultation on collecting parent entity data
(16 November)

FCA CP15/27: Part 1 - UCITS V Implementation
(9 November)


ESMA consultation: Draft RTS for ELTIF Regulation
(19 October)

IOSCO consultative report: Harmonisation of key OTC derivatives data elements other than UTI and UPI
(9 October)

HMRC consultation: Tackling offshore tax evasion
(8 October)

FCA CP15/27: Part II - ELTIF Implementation
(5 October)

EIOPA Consultation: Pan-European Personal Pension product
(5 October)


CPMI-IOSCO consultative report: UTI harmonisation
(30 September)

Strengthening the incentive to save: A consultation on pensions tax relief
(30 September)

FCA DP15/5: Smarter consumer communications
(25 September)

FCA Project Innovate: Call for input
(8 September)

PCAOB supplemental request for comment: Rules to require disclosure of certain audit participants on a new PCAOB form

(1 September)


FRC consultation on the Audit Firm Governance Code: A review of its implementation and operation
(27 August)

Work & Pensions Select Committee inquiry on Pension freedom guidance and advice
(27 August)

ESA consultation: Key Information Documents for PRIIPs
(17 August)

EC consultation: OTC derivatives, central counterparties and trade repositories
(14 August)

EIOPA consultation: Identification and calibration of infrastructure investment risk categories
(9 August)


FRC DP: Quality of reporting by smaller listed and AIM quoted companies
(30 July)

FCA consultation: Investing in authorised funds through nominees (CP15/20)
(16 July)

ESMA consultation: No.4 - clearing obligation under EMIR
(15 July)

ESA consultation: Draft RTS - Risk mitigation for uncleared OTC derivative contracts
(10 July)

ESMA consultation: Draft guidelines for the assessment of knowledge and competence
(10 July)


HMT consultation on transposition of MiFID II
(19 June)

EBA Guidelines on limits on exposures to shadow banking entities
(19 June)

OECD follow up consultation on BEPS Action 6 (preventing treaty abuse)
(17 June)

OECD revised discussion draft on BEPS Action 7 (preventing the artificial avoidance of PE status)
(12 June)

EBA CP2015/03: Draft Guidelines on sound remuneration policies
(3 June)


FSB consultation on assessment methodologies
(29 May)

FCA DP15/3: Developing our approach to implementing MiFID II conduct of business and organisational requirements
(26 May)

EU Commission consultation on Capital Markets Union (CMU)
(13 May)

EU Commission consultation on Securitisation
(13 May)

EU Commission consultation on the Prospectus Directive
(13 May)

ESMA consultation: Operation of the buy-in regime
(6 May)

FCA CP15/08: Chapter 4 AIFMD Handbook Changes
(5 May)

Call for Evidence: Transaction Costs Disclosure: Improving Transparency in Workplace Pensions
(4 May)


Minimum alternative tax
(17 April)


ESMA Discussion Paper on the Share Classes of UCITS
(27 March)

FCA CP14/30: Improving complaints handling
( 13 March)

ESMA Consultation on MiFID II / MiFIR
(3 March)


Technical Standards under the CSD Regulation - settlement discipline
(19 February)

Technical Advice under the CSD Regulation - penalties for settlement fails
(19 February)

Discussion paper on Key Information Documents for Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products (PRIIPs)
(18 February)

ESMA consultation on the technical standards on reporting under Article 9 of EMIR
(15 February)

NEST consultation on 'The future of retirement'
(13 February)

The Investment Association Position Paper: Meaningful disclosure of costs and charges
(10 February)

OECD's consultation on BEPS Action 4 (interest deductions and other financial payments)
( 6 February)

The future evolution of the Investment Association sector classification system
(5 February)

HMRC consultation on Diverted Profits Tax
(4 February)

Fair and Effective Markets Review
(4 February)

Consultation on the future evolution of the investment association sector classification system - How to accommodate outcome-focused fund strategies?
(4 February)

FCA proposals on regulatory fees and levies for 2015/6
(4 February)


FCA consultation on Retirement income market study: Interim Report
(30 January)

SII Tripartite Template
(14 January)

OECD consultation on BEPS Action 6 (preventing treaty abuse)
(12 January)

OECD consultation on BEPS Action 7 (preventing the artificial avoidance of PE status)
(12 January)

HMRC Consultation on changes to CTF and Junior ISA rules
(12 January)