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Guiding Principles on Outsourcing

Following the Outsourcing Working Group (OWG) Report published in December 2013, the group met again in 2016 to consider the report and whether any areas required further amendments or change. This amended version of the OWG Report contains all of the original contents plus some of the risk-based aspects of outsourcing activities to a third party, with practical examples for asset managers.

Charity Authorised Investment Funds

Charity Authorised Investment Funds (CAIFs) are UK authorised funds which are set up exclusively for Charities. CAIFs will be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Each CAIF will also be registered as a Charity with the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

The Investment Association, the Charity Investors Group and the Charity Law Association have produced a guide for managers wishing to set up a CAIF, including and a model trust deed for a CAIF. These documents are available here:

Paperless transfer/renunciation for authorised funds
  • Reasonable steps to ensure the authenticity of instructions (January 2016)
Algorithmic Trading Order Handling Questionnaire

The purpose of the Equities Electronic Order Handling Questionnaire is to establish a common, non-exhaustive, framework for the request of information from clients to their electronic trading service providers. The scope of the Questionnaire is limited to equity / equity-like European Economic Area (EEA) securities which are traded through a regulated firm based in the EEA.

Consent fees
Authorised Funds: A Regulatory Guide

This is a document designed for use by investors who are considering investment in a UK authorised fund and who wish to understand in more detail the UK regulatory regime for authorised funds.

Automatic Exchange of Information (including FATCA and the OECD'S CRS): Guidance on self certification

Statement of Recommended Practice for the Financial Statements of Authorised Funds
Use of Dealing Commission
Model Discretionary Investment Management Agreement
Enhanced disclosure of fund charges and costs
Market Timing
  • Guidelines for Managers of Investment Funds (July 2008)
Pension Fund Disclosure Code
Redemption and Cancellation of Irredeemable Preference Shares
Relations with Investee Companies
  • The Investment Association / AFME Indicators of Interest Proposal (March 2017)