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Data delivery frameworks

The current suite of data delivery templates covers a range of UK and European requirements. All these templates can be accessed using the links below. The templates will be reviewed on a periodic basis and updates will be issued where appropriate.

UK Initiatives

DC workplace pensions

A joint ABI/IA working group has developed the DC Workplace Pensions Template (DCPT) and the Fair Value mid-Price Template (FVPT) for the purpose of providing insurers with transaction costs data in accordance with COBS 19.8.4R. DCPT V1.0 was issued in December 2017 and FVPT V1.0 was issued in May 2018.

European Working Group

The EWG was originally formed as a tripartite initiative between the IA, BVI and Club Ampere together with asset managers and insurers. It was later expanded to take in a wider range of jurisdictions and industry sectors.

Solvency II

The original output of the EWG was the Solvency II Tripartite Template (TPT) that facilitates insurers' solvency capital requirement (SCR) calculations and supports data delivery for quantitative reporting templates (QRT). The TPT is supported by Q&As prepared by the EWG. The latest version (TPT V4.0) was endorsed by EFAMA in May 2018.


The EWG was expanded in order to develop the European PRIIPs Template (EPT) for the purpose of providing insurers with the all the information required to populate their PRIIP KIDs. The EPT was first issued in July 2017 and the latest version (EPT V1.1) was endorsed by EFAMA and Insurance Europe and issued in October 2017.


The EWG was further expanded to include banks, distributors and their representative bodies in order to develop the European MiFID Template (EMT) for the purpose of providing information defining a product's target market and its costs and charges. EMT V1.0 has been endorsed by EFAMA and was issued in August 2017. Subsequently the EWG developed a set of questions and answers in support of the EMT. These Q&As were published in November 2017.

The EWG concluded work on EMT V2.0 in late summer and since then EFAMA has been working with other European bodies representing producers of EMTs to create a suitable governance structure. During this time, further aspects of the EMT have been identified as needing attention. Therefore, the timeline for endorsement and transition is yet to be determined and V1.0 remains the current version of the EMT. We will update these pages as we get more information.

The EWG has also produced a mapping table comparing the two versions.