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UK government investment management strategy

Long-term commitment

With £6 trillion of assets under management, the UK is one of the world’s leading investment centres. So why do so many investment managers choose to do business here?

Investment managers need reassurance that a market is going to remain competitive when they are deciding where to carry out their business.

The UK government has shown it is committed to providing that reassurance and creating a good environment for investment managers.

Close collaboration

The government is working closely with the industry to anticipate new trends and emerging challenges, so that it can simplify and develop regulatory and tax rules to support investment managers.

Specifically, the government has committed to:

  • simplify and streamline taxes in the sector
  • create a more responsive regulatory environment
  • improve our marketing here and overseas to promote the UK as an international investment management centre.

Encouraging innovation

The government also recognises that one of the key strengths of the investment management sector is its ability to innovate rapidly.

Because such innovation can benefit both investors and the sector as a whole, the government is actively supporting growth opportunities for the sector.

TheCityUK and The Investment Association are also working together to develop a one-stop-shop service for asset managers wishing to set up firms or funds in the UK.