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The UK is one of the world’s leading investment management centres. The government is keen to maintain this position and attract more investment management business.

A combination of long-term commitment, close collaboration and encouragement for innovation has created a favourable environment for investment in the UK.

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IA Guidelines for Investee Companies

The IA has a series of guidelines in which it sets out member expectations on issues such as corporate governance, share capital management, and other issues relating to capital markets.

Several of these guidelines were originally produced by the Association of British Insurers (ABI). Following the merger of ABI Investment Affairs with the IMA on 30th June 2014, the IA assumed responsibility for guidance previously issued by the ABI.

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We publish industry-wide statistics about fund sales and funds under management on a monthly basis. These figures show trends in recent years with analysis by distribution channel, asset type and Investment Association sector. Figures are also available for funds of funds, tracker and ethical funds. The Investment Association’s latest statistics press releases can be found here. Some useful charts and data are also here.

Members of The Investment Association enjoy on-line access to detailed fund statistics enabling them to carry out their own analysis of the latest industry trends, including market share and ranking across sectors and distribution channels. Members who wish to access this data should contact Dianne Archibald.

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investment charges and costs

It's important that you understand the costs involved before you invest, including one-off charges and regular fees for ongoing management of the fund.

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history of the investment association

We've been striving to make investing simpler and better for investors for 55 years and have worked hard to protect their interests.

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In-depth research across the spectrum of issues relating to investment management.

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> Oxera report
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