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UK Investor Data from The Investment Association

The Investment Association will be changing the way it presents fund data. The current method is to present data based on fund domicile – UK or Overseas. The new method will show data based on the UK Investor.

When will the change occur?
31st May 2016. April 2016 data will be presented in the new format. March 2016 is the last release in which data is presented in the current UK domiciled format.

Why are you doing this?
Since the introduction of UCITS directives, investors in the UK can buy funds domiciled in other European countries. By focusing on UK domiciled funds we are not fully monitoring trends in UK investors’ habits within our membership.

What will change?
With the new style of presentation you will see FUM and sales and redemption flows for UK investors across all domiciles. Data for UK domiciled funds will have overseas investors deducted and overseas domiciled funds will only show UK investor data.

The layout of the full figures area will also change so that all data for a particular month is presented in a single document. Each document will present our monthly press release tables. These will be available from January 2006 to the most recent month.

How can I monitor long term trends when the basis changes?
We have backdated the data set to January 2012. Data prior to January 2012 will be presented on the current UK domiciled basis.

How does this affect the fund data?
UK domiciled funds that accept overseas investors will have sales and FUM from overseas investors deducted. Overseas domiciled fund data will be representative of UK investors only. This will lead to changes in the data at a sector and industry level; FUM will increase and net sales will differ.

What about funds in the Overseas sector?
Only UK investor data for non-UK domiciled funds will be presented. UK investor data pertaining to funds currently in the overseas sector will be represented in the appropriate mainstream sectors.