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**Data is uploaded approximately one month in arrears**

Most recent data available: FEBRUARY 2019

Forthcoming release dates

  • Thursday 2 May
  • Thursday 6 June
  • Thursday 4 July
  • Thursday 1 August
  • Thursday 5 September
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  • Thursday 7 November
  • Thursday 5 December
  • Thursday 9 January (2020)
  • Thursday 6 February

Monthly statistics

September 2018 IA statistics Update

The sector level reporting of IA statistics from September onwards feature a number of differences resulting from changes to both IA sectors themselves and the presentation of data.

Sectors Changes

The Personal Pensions, Property and Protected Sectors have been closed. Two new sectors, UK Direct Property and Property Other, have been created from the former Property sector.

Reporting Changes

  • Specialist – Funds with the Specialist Sector have been assigned to asset class based sub-sectors. For the purposes of asset class based reporting (Tables 5 and 7) the Specialist Sector will be split according to asset class. This change has been applied retroactively to historical data, and has not resulted in any funds entering or leaving the sector.
  • Unallocated funds – Previously IA reporting had combined the Unclassified Sector with funds that had not been classified to any sector but which provide data purely for the purposes of IA statistical reporting. From September onwards these will be split into the Unclassified Sector and Unallocated funds (which are outside the sectors system). Unallocated funds have been grouped by asset class for the purposes of reporting at an asset class level, but do not form a sector. This change has also been applied retroactively to historical data.