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Frequently asked questions

Please see the below Frequently Asked Questions. Please do not hesitate to use the 'contact us' form if you need further assistance.

Membership Related
  1. Q1. How do I become a member firm?

    We have 3 key types of membership, full, affiliate and sector. Please see the guide to joining here.
    Once you have decided which type of membership you require please contact the membership team to discuss further membership@theia.org or call us on 020 7831 0898.

  2. Q2. How do I renew my Membership?

    Full and sector members

    • This is done annually from January 1st. AUM data is collected in June for subscription calculations. Invoices are sent in December for January 1st renewal.

    Affiliate members

    • This is taken as happening annually in the month of joining (i.e if you join in May you are re invoiced in May). Membership meetings takes place regularly and we encourage regular reviews and engagement
  3. Q3. How do I up-grade my Membership?

    Please contact the membership team on membership@theia.org or call us on 0207 831 0898

  4. Q4. Do Members get special rates to training and events?

    Yes they do. It does vary but on average you can expect to pay 20% less on training and events. You also get access to numerous events and briefings unavailable to the general public. For more information contact the training team on training@theia.org and the events team on events@theia.org.

    Take a look at the calendar for training and events here.

  5. Q5. How do I create an account?

    Please click here or go to the top right hand of the home page, click LOGIN / REGISTER then click ‘MEMBER REGISTRATION’ and complete the form.

    All employees of member firms are eligible for access but please do ensure you include the correct member entity name as not all entities are IA members. For a list please see here.

  6. Q6. Is the firm the member or is it individuals?

    It is the firm that is the member. Please see the list of member firms here. If you change firms you will no longer have access and will need to re register (even if you are going to another member firm).

My Account
  1. Q8. My details have changed, how do I let IA know?

    Please click here or go to the home page, go to top right and click LOGIN / REGISTER. Once logged in go to MANAGE MY ACCOUNT, then click SETTINGS, alternatively please contact members@theia.org

  2. Q9. Can I access the member area?

    Yes, if your firm is a member of the IA and you have a registered account. If not register here. You must always log in first.

  3. Q10. I've lost forgotten or need to reset my password?

    You can reset this yourself by going here / go to the home page, go to top right, click LOGIN / REGISTER, then click FORGOTTEN PASSWORD and follow the instructions

    If this doesn't work please contact members@theia.org and we will be happy to help you. Please ensure you are using the correct email address (especially if your organisation has recently merged / had a name change).

  4. Q11. I want to unsubscribe from emails?

    Requirements change and we always encourage you to mange your account settings so you only receive the information relevant to your needs. To do this, once logged in go to MY ACCOUNT, then click MANAGE UPDATES and deselect areas no longer of interest. You can also unsubscribe following the links at the end of each communication

General Queries/Services/Member Benefit
  1. Q17. How do I access my member benefits?

    A overview to the member benefits can be found in the guide to joining here. If you would like an overview as to current firm committee representation / access to the indicative forward events schedule or have any enquiries please contact members@theia.org and the team will happily provide an overview / readout on current priorities and interaction.

  2. Q18. I'm a new member, can I access all the benefits of IA membership right away?

    Absolutely. Our policy leads, web resources, daily and weekly circulars are available from day one.

  3. Q19. How do I register for training and events?

    Click here to see the calendar of events and the training schedule. You will find links on how to register but any queries please contact the training team on training@theia.org and the events team on events@theia.org.

    Take a look at the calendar for training and events here.

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