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The Investment Association is the trade body that represents UK investment managers.

Our 200 members collectively manage over £5.7 trillion on behalf of clients in the UK and around the world.

Promoting our members

  • We promote UK investment management, which is the largest industry of its kind in Europe and the second largest in the world.
  • The industry is a significant exporter for Britain, representing over 6% of total net exports over the past ten years, and it employs roughly 35,000 people.

Supporting our members

  • We support our member firms, which are governed by laws and regulations in the UK, Europe and internationally.
  • The IA produces daily circulars on legal and regulatory developments and creates guidance enabling UK investment managers to build effective business structures.
  • We engage actively with policymakers and other stakeholders in the UK and around the world to ensure that our industry remains among the world’s most competitive.

Shaping investments

  • We shape the investment landscape to ensure that our members are able to deliver the best outcomes for their clients.
  • This includes spearheading initiatives to ensure best practice in our industry, and engaging in the public debate surrounding our industry and its growing importance amid the rising Age of Asset Management.
  • The IA responds to dozens of consultations each year on behalf of its members, on issues ranging from the tax environment to the structure of investment funds.


The Investment Association is structured into three core divisions, enabling us to cover the entire investment chain.

Sustainable investments and capital markets

  • Making investing work well for all
  • The division helps the industry to support the economy with stable, long-term finance, ensuring investors have access to fair and effective markets and embedding the highest standards of sustainable governance in UK Plc.

Products and services

  • Helping our industry to deliver clients' financial goals
  • The division promotes the value of investing for the public good, assisting firms in meeting high standards of service and delivery and shaping the UK, EU and global regulatory and policy agenda so firms are able to provide on a cost-effective basis the products and services that meet clients' needs.

Business support and promotion

  • Helping our member firms to thrive
  • The division promotes the asset management industry's interests, helping firms to navigate the regulatory and tax landscape and ensuring that the UK is the country of choice for locating asset management businesses.

Supported projects

We support independent initiatives in a variety of ways, ranging from providing office space and secretarial support to full funding and staffing.

Current supported projects include:

  • Investment 2020, which secures jobs across the UK investment management industry for more diverse talent than is traditionally attracted.
  • The Diversity Project, which is undertaking a number of initiatives aimed at helping diverse talent to rise up through the industry to its most senior levels.
  • The Investor Forum, which aims to position stewardship at the heart of investment decision making.

history of the investment association

We've been striving to make investing simpler and better for investors for 55 years and have worked hard to protect their interests.

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Annual Report

Each year, we give a detailed update of our goals and activities in our annual report, which can be downloaded from this website.

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the board

A strong board is essential as we meet the challenges of a changing industry. Find out more about the people guiding The Investment Association.

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